The Secret for Men to look Casual and Classy

Are you looking for a secret fashion tip that could make you look classy while giving a casual look? Are you the one who has been searching for comfort in all their clothes?

Are you secretly wishing for daily wear to be as comfortable as night suits?

We totally understand and appreciate this craving. As a result, we have introduced casual tees for men which are beyond classy. Easy on eyes, easier on skin. Unlock the secret to looking casual and classy at the same time with,


Lopsided Oversize Tee

This is designed to allow limitless movement. Look classy as you head to the gym, or a match of football, meet friends, explore new eateries, or just as you navigate through a regular day.

It definitely makes you look like a player (The athletic one, not the other one ;))


You can buy a lopsided oversize tee online here.

Free Tap Tank Tee

With a stylish crew neck and comfortable fit, this is what all men need for their yoga, jogs, and other exercise routines. Well, it works great during vacations to beaches or treks.

You can buy a tap tank tee online here



Why choose these casual men's T-shirt?

Finding the perfect tees that stay in for long is not very easy. Do you know the feeling where our hands just grab that regular tee for every alternate day, completely ignoring the rest of the pile? Well, these tee shirts are definitely going to be on top of that pile, being picked up often.

The fit, fabric, and versatility of these t-shirts are what puts them apart from others.



The fit makes all the difference in the world. You want it to be absolutely perfect.

If it is too tight, it is not comfortable. If it is too loose, it is not classy. It has to be tailored with precision to fit well around the shoulders, neck, chest, and waist.

Ever worn tee shirts that rub against your neck or armpit and make them sore? 

Well, The tees by Kshm are just the opposite. With minimum seams, they reduce chafe enhancing the feeling of comfort. These are oversized, airy, designed for superior comfort, and are bound to make you feel at home.

A fit you’d be friends with for life!

The lopsided oversize tee comes with a 4-way stretching capability - stretch the pains out!

Its drop shoulder looks cool, appears casual, and feels classy. As the name suggests, it is oversized to bring in that extra comfort and feeling of being at home.

Tap Tank Tee has its unique way of standing out in the crowd while you feel no pressure of being overdressed at all! It features a drop armhole and allows for an easy 4-way stretch. You can be certain about feeling confident in this stylish and agreeable fit.



From the Earth, Into the Earth.

We practice and encourage sustainability in all forms. These men's tees are crafted on a luxury XL TENCELTM fabric using a closed-loop production process. The process involves upcycling cotton scraps and blending them with luxurious wood pulp to create what is known as TENCELTM fabric.

The fabric is not just known for it being eco-friendly. It offers high strength, is naturally breathable, and feels extremely smooth on the skin. It works great during workouts as it enables wicking sweat to the fabric’s outer surface and drying rapidly, keeping you completely odor free.


While we would desire the comfort of these tees at all points, these casual tees are extraordinarily perfect for exercise routines - morning jogs, yoga, gym, etc. They are a must-have for traveling. Perfect for airport looks!

The tees come in basic and bold shades to allow multiple styles, making them a go-to tee for various events.


With a fit so smart, fabric so smooth, and versatility so wide, these tees are a perfect choice for men's casual tee shirts. You can buy men's Tshirt online right here. One purchase gets you all the desired features - Comfortable, casual, and classy. The t-shirts that all men need for their wardrobe.

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