Love, Live & Flaunt Yoga.

At Core Asana, we've blended functionality with style and bring to you a sublime range of products to help you put your fashion foot forward while uplifting your spirituality.


How it started

Yoga had originated in India, taken and adopted by the west as well. We began with a thought of bringing a crisp, new mindset of yoga back to India thereby making it a sensational movement worldwide. The delight in the eyes of those who have experienced rewards of practicing yoga and our zeal of doing something great to mankind and nature, being in sync with fashion led to Core Asana.

Since then we’re making our presence felt globally amongst ever rising base of happy customers; sharing and enhancing their experiences of being into approachable yoga with us.

Yoga is a mindful way of leading life
We strongly believe that Yoga is not only a posture or an asana but it is a more rewarding way of leading life. Yoga helps you strike a balance between all the elements of your life along with the surroundings you live in. Lead a fuller life and help others awaken to that accomplished way of living is the mindful movement initiated by Core Asana.
Earth-friendly practices you may rely upon
All our products, processes and practices are planet-friendly and sustainable to the best possible extent. Responsible sourcing of raw materials from regenerative forests, maximum use of plant-based fibres or extracts, biodegradability of product and packaging are among a few practices that we adhere to. Explore our complete range of merchandise, it’s all eco-friendly. Show your love towards nature with Core Asana.
Everybody is a different Body
For us, everybody is a different body. Love the body you are blessed with, nurture the soul in it and we are there to make the YOGA ensembles that may flatter Just You! So explore and find one of your own kinds with us. We have everything for everyone. Spread happiness; cherish Inclusivity because everyone is individually and uniquely catered at Core Asana
by Core Asana

as it says EARTH!

At KSHM, we are on a thoughtful mission to raise an alarm against slipping sprite-full bodies into plastic or synthetic activewear. Today, we take pride in being India’s first nature born active-streetwear brand that operates through a lens of circularity & transparency to lessen the environmental impact.
Fresh designs for limitless movement.

We genuinely believe in developing clothes that you feel joy in and about. Keeping this to the fore, we design our silhouettes that are mindful of proportions, style, comfort, & functionality.