The Quintessential trend is back: Women’s Biker Shorts

Are you looking for the most comfortable pair of biker shorts possible? Your search ends here with Vent Fit Biker Shorts by Kshm.

While biker shorts set essentially came into the picture just for bikers, it has now become a fashion statement.


Wondering why these biker shorts are called vent-fit biker shorts?

Vent literally means an opening which allows air to pass through. Hence, Vent Fit Biker Shorts are a comfortable, breathable style of shorts designed thoughtfully keeping a biker as well as fashion in mind. 

These biker shorts come with features which make them a must-have for every woman.


Soft, weightless fabric

Our biker shorts are made using luxurious TENCELTM fabric from tree fibres. It is extraordinarily soft, feels super smooth on the skin and allows effortless breathability. Being high in strength and low in weight makes this fabric the perfect pick for women's biker shorts.

Along with the functionalities, this is an eco-friendly choice as these shorts are produced sustainably. 


Overlap waistband and wide leg opening

These biker shorts feature an overlap v waistband (without elastic) to avoid those dig-in curves that you otherwise have to keep adjusting towards the sides. The v-shape is just perfect and accentuates the classy look.

These vent-fit biker shorts come with wide-leg openings making it easy for you to get in and out of them. 


Functional pocket

These biker shorts feature a functional pocket to enable quick storing of essentials. A small feature, making a big impact - that’s what pockets are!

Overall, these biker shorts are designed to fit your curves well and engineered to keep you on the move, in a way that feels effortless.

If you're still on the hunt for the perfect pair of women's biker shorts, give vent-fit blue or black biker shorts a try - you won't be disappointed.


Different ways to style biker shorts

Biker shorts, as we saw, are no more just for athletes. They are trendy wear for anyone who prefers a style that prioritizes comfort.

  • Want a trendy casual look?

Just combine this pair of black biker shorts with a Big-Dip oversize black tee. You will set trends for a high fashion, high comfort look.

  • Feel like partying?

Style your shorts with a minimalist tee shirt and a jacket. For a bolder look, pair your shorts with a button-down shirt and a blazer. All glam, all comfy look is here to stay.

  • Getting into an exercise routine?

Put your biker shorts up with a matching or complimenting sports bra and you’re all set for your workout sessions. Yoga, gym, jogs, cycling and others - all activities like biker shorts equally!

  • Meeting friends casually?

Get your biker shorts, pair them up with a classy crop top and your favourite sneakers. This is certainly going to make you look confident, classy and most importantly, comfortable for those long warm sessions with your friends.

Biker shorts are making lives better by enhancing comfort, making summers easy and at the same time, allowing trendy fashion statements. The trend is here to stay.

So, grab your favorite pair, buy women's biker shorts online today and style it up as you please.

Why stay low-key when you can be all trendy?

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