Explore these Stylish, Versatile, Eco-friendly Activewear Collection Online

07 May 2024
Dhruv Nehru

Buckle up, a fitness fashionista, because we're about to unleash some style, comfort, and eco-friendly goodness at Kshm!

Picture this: Activewear is so trendy, that even your treadmill will be jealous. At Kshm, we're not just about making you look good; we're all about making you feel like you're strutting down a fashion runway while doing burpees (or at least convincing yourself you are).

But here's the kicker: We're also Earth-huggers. Our online activewear collection doesn't just aim to flatter your physique; it's designed to flatter Mother Earth too.

So, prepare for workout clothes that spark curiosity, conversations, and the occasional jealous workout buddy. Join us on this thrilling journey where style, comfort, and sustainability collide

Trendy, Comfy Tops For Women

Big Dip Oversize Tee

  • Immerse yourself in a cocoon of unparalleled softness with our luxury fabric.

  • The distinctive drop-shoulder design adds a dash of urban chic to your ensemble.

  • Bid farewell to discomfort, as our fabric ensures you stay cool and dry even under the sweltering sun.

  • Revel in the boldness of our oversized fit, making a powerful statement everywhere you go.

  • Crafted from eco-conscious material, Tencel, because we believe fashion should embrace sustainability and comfort in equal measure.


Crop It Like It's Hot - Elevate Crop Top

  • Experience the freedom of movement with the 4-way stretch fabric that adapts to your every whim.

  • Flaunt your curves with unwavering confidence, thanks to the perfect crop length that celebrates your form.

  • Choose from the enchanting heather rose or the refreshing lichen green to infuse your life with vibrant colors.

  • Crafted with Tencel, redefining fashion with a commitment to a more sustainable future.

  • Ascend to a world of high confidence with the ruched princess cut, tailored for those who demand nothing less than perfect


Reform Dual Tie Coverup

  • Flatter your figure, regardless of its unique shape – because, in our world, everybody is a masterpiece.

  • The cropped length keeps your style quotient soaring high.

  • Immerse yourself in endless styling possibilities – wear it your way, and let your creativity run wild.

  • Delve into pretty hues like the serene riverside or the charming heather rose.


Athletic Elegance - Runner-Up Thumb Top

  • Elevate your style with thumbhole cuffs, a secret weapon for added flair and comfort.

  • Revel in the finer details with a zipper neck, because it's the little things that make a big difference.

  • Embrace an athletic fit that speaks to your inner champion, with flatlock seams for a seamless finish.

  • Perfect for those ready to take on the world with unmatched style and confidence.


Split Second Tank Top

  • Embrace snug sophistication, tailored to accentuate your unique silhouette.

  • Elevate your style game with dual split binding in the straps, offering a double dose of elegance.

  • Enjoy the freshness of odor-free Tencel, because staying fabulous and feeling fresh should always go hand in hand.


Pair Them With Bottoms that Wow

Boxate Yoga Pants

  • Dive into the unparalleled softness of 100% cotton, a touch of comfort you'll never want to part with.

  • Revel in limitless stretch, ensuring you're prepared for any adventure, be it yoga or simply seizing the day.


Big Chill Pants

  • These pants look super stylish and most importantly, they just let you be!

  • Perfect for meeting with friends, lounging at home, or a quick workout session - these pants are forever companions.

  • Made of 100% natural cotton, their warmth makes you crave more. A big green flag!


Vent Fit Biker Shorts

  • Bid farewell to chafing with our anti-chafe design, where comfort takes center stage.

  • Experience limitless stretch and functionality with a convenient pocket, because who knows when we might need our basics!

  • Let the overlap V waistband add that extra touch of chic, ensuring your style is nothing short of spectacular.


Why should you choose Kshm? Because we believe that fashion should be effortless, empowering, and environmentally responsible. Our collection isn't just about looking good; it's about feeling confident in your choices.

Discover the essence of urban chic and let your unique style speak volumes.


Disclaimer: Kshm's fashion may cause heads to turn, compliments to flow, and the world to become your runway. Side effects may include increased confidence and a strong desire to strut your stuff. Proceed with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

- Are these clothes environmentally friendly?

Absolutely! Our collection is crafted with eco-conscious materials like Tencel and 100% cotton, reducing our environmental footprint.

- Can I return or exchange items if they don't fit?

Of course! We offer hassle-free returns and exchanges within 5 days after delivery. Your satisfaction is our priority.

- Do you have any sustainable initiatives beyond materials?

Yes, we're committed to sustainability. We minimize waste in our production process, use recyclable packaging, and partner with eco-friendly suppliers.


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