Essential Versatile Pants For Every Active Moment

Looking for a pair of pants that can keep up with your active lifestyle? Look no further than our BigChill Flapper Pants and Boxate Pleated Pants!

These lightweight pants are perfect for a variety of activities, including skateboarding, dancing, yoga, golf, and horse riding. Whether you're hitting the streets or hitting the trails, these pants have got you covered. With a comfortable and flexible design, you'll be able to move freely and confidently in any situation. So why wait? Read to know everything about two of our Essential Versatile Pants. To all active persons out there, never miss a beat with these essential versatile pants.

Super comfortable, even for long hours

Our pants are made with 100% natural cotton, making them the ultimate combination of comfort and style. The soft, stretchy, and flexible fabric allows for easy movement and all-day comfort. These pants are also lightweight, making them perfect for any light physical activity.

These features allow easy and unrestricted movements during dancing, yoga, skateboarding or horse riding with light weight of the fabric acting as a support while performing the activities.

The natural cotton material is also breathable, helping to keep you cool and comfortable no matter what the day brings. Experience the ultimate in comfort and style with our 100% natural cotton, unisex pants.

Perfect fit, trendy and functional

Our pants are designed to provide the perfect fit, no matter what the activity is.

  • The¬†elasticated waistband¬†allows for a flexible fit and at the same time, ensures the pants do not slide down while you show-off those flips or chakrasana.
  • The¬†overlap flap bottom¬†in BigChill Flapper Pants or, the¬†tapered bottom¬†in Boxate Pleated Pants gives a trendy and modern look. The tapered bottom ensures that the pants do not slip or slide as you perform a headstand!¬†It‚Äôs necessary, no time for faux pas!
  • The¬†pockets¬†are an absolute necessity providing easy accessibility to essentials. The pants have taken care of your needs and come with functional pockets on both sides.

The versatility of the fit ensures that you'll always look and feel your best, no matter where the day takes you.

Apt for all body types

Our pants are designed to provide the perfect fit for all body types. They are neither too tight nor too loose, and will flatter your figure with ease. Whether you're slim or curvy, you'll love the way these pants fit and feel. The flexible fabric and elasticated waistband allow for a comfortable, flexible fit that moves with you.

Additionally, these pants are also perfect if you sweat a lot because of its enhanced breathability allowing quick drying.

No more struggling to find pants that fit well - these inclusive pants are the perfect choice for any body type! Slim or curvy, male or female, workout or travel or a casual meet - these pants are a must-have!


But don’t just believe us. See what these active men and women have to say about their experience of using BigChill Flapper Pants and Boxate Pleated Pants.

Experiences of active individuals with BigChill Flapper Pants and Boxate Pleated Pants


Arya Bhatt- Yoga Teacher and Fitness Model in the Boxate Pleated Pants-Nile Blue.


Mousha Khatri- Fashion Model and a Beginner at Yoga in BigChill Flapper Pants-Onyx Black.


Urmila Pable- National Champion at Skateboarding in BigChill Flapper Pants- Ivy Green.


Nehal- Fashion Model, Street Dance ready in the Boxate Pleated Pants- Onyx Black. 


Owais Ahmed- Professional Cricketer out for a horse ride in BigChill Flapper Pants- Onyx Black.


Simran Ranga (BGirl)- Professional Dancer (Breaking) in BigChill Flapper Pants in Ivy Green.


So why wait? Upgrade your wardrobe with our perfectly fitting, unisex pants today and experience the ultimate combination of style and comfort as you live the active moments


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