Cotton Clothes a substitute for mangoes! But how?

23 May 2024
Dhruv Nehru


Since ages, mangoes have ruled the fruit kingdom and has been the most essential part of Indian Summers. Ruling through the hearts, it has formed a special place in people’s heart as well. People enjoy eating mangoes for its blissful taste and fresh juicy aamras and so, summers is just incomplete without mangoes.

But there is something else people have been missing out on all these years. There is something else that gives them endless comfort and fresh vibes like the aaaam does. And the people have failed to see it. But what is it, you must be thinking right?! Let’s figure it out together this time so that you don’t ever forget it.


What equals to Aaam and why?

There is only one thing that can give you pleasure in summer like a mango does and that is “Cotton Clothes”.

But How?

  • Soft & squishy: Cotton Clothes are made with natural fibers and feels very soft on skin. Summers calls for cotton clothes since they are friendly to skin-sensitive people as well.


  • Keeps you fresh: Cotton Clothes are widely known for its moisture-wicking quality keeping you less sweaty in summers and hence fresh all day long.


  • Light & Breathable: Cotton Clothes are lightweight & have enough space for your skin to breathe freely without any restrictions.


  • Comfort & content: Be it man or woman, Cotton Clothes have never failed to make anyone feel less comfortable and rather be all satisfied within themselves, feeling like a second skin to them.


  • Summer at its best: Enjoying summer at its best should be one’s motto and what is best than having a combo of both cotton clothes and mango and feeling like you rule the kingdom of summer.


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