You are NOT getting what you pay for…

07 May 2024
Dhruv Nehru

Not Just pants

Local artisans. Food. Kids. Eco-fun. Home. Planet. Savings. Cotton-Cottage-Community. YOu. Carbon. Oxygen. deHydrogen. What the hell is happening? 

Let me tell you…

saw that kid crawling on the side of the road. Man walking by the side of your car. An Old Uncle dragging himself with a wooden stick in his Hawaai Chappals. Mum is sitting on the side footpath feeding her kid. Those kids are running around traffic lights selling their innocence and childhood to us.

When you shop from Kshm, 


You get a friend for you and your sensitive skin. Your money goes to farmers who get paid more for growing organic cotton, and to farming communities for our Fairtrade products.


It goes to ensure there is no child labor in our factories, no forced slave labor, no worker exploitation, and no unsafe factories.

Local Artisans get paid, and their food, shelter, and home are run by your money. Their kids go to school and lead a normal life – Thanks to YOU. 


Repurposed Packaging, reusing leftover fabric, and ensuring zero trims while manufacturing your clothes help reduce waste and give nature a second life.


Because all of that costs money too. Not just to make it happen, but to make SURE it’s happening too.

It’s not our pants. It’s YOU who makes them special.

Think about where your money goes. And Vote with your wallet, this time.

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