The Unlimited guide to buying cotton pants online in 2024

08 May 2024
Dhruv Nehru

Trousers are an integral part of almost everyone’s style. A good pair of trousers can either make or break your look. So, it’s important to choose wisely from the array of options available to you. 


What you must look for while choosing your pants?  

It’s important that you choose a fabric that won’t lose its shape over time. Choosing a smart fabric with natural stretch and good elastic recovery allows for movement without causing permanent bagging out in your knees and seat.

Some of the basic factors you need to look for are as follows:

- Natural Fibres: 

You should choose fabrics that are made of natural fibres because of their long-lasting nature. They become softer and more settled with time. These beautiful timeless pieces get better with age, if cared-for appropriately by you. 
Using natural fibres also means you can support traditional production methods that tend to be sustainable, eco-friendly and less energy intensive than synthetic methods.

- Organic Dyes:

 Fabrics that are dyed with organic dyes i.e., extracted from fruits and vegetables are a plus point while searching for your ideal fabric, as they prove to be completely safe for your skin.


- Breathable:

Fabrics that don’t suffocate your skin instead make space for it to breathe. They are less likely to irritate, cling to the body, or feel stiff. Compared to other oil-based synthetic fabric such as polyester, breathable fabrics are more likely to keep you cool while you cook.

- Durable: 

You should invest in a fabric that won’t lose its shape over time. It should have a good amount of thickness so that it is less likely to tear or rip apart, especially when wet, it must withstand a hot water wash.


Which is the Best Fabric for your skin?

- COTTON: It is the best option when it comes to comfort and style. Being versatile, this fabric offers breathability and durability without being bulky in terms of appearance. Backed by Gandhi’s Khadi, natural cotton is a perfect blend of lightness and softness that proves beneficial for you and the environment.


- LINEN: Linen is always the best choice if you’re looking for a fabric that works for all seasons. It is a naturally grown fabric with many properties such as breathability, temperature regulation, and antibacterial properties. This causes heat to escape into the atmosphere in hot weather and aids your body in retaining heat in cold weather. This high-maintenance fabric is an excellent investment in your wardrobe that is timeless.


- OTHERS: Hemp, Flax, Jute, Nettle and Ramie are other soft fibres. These are some soft fibres which are friendly for your skin.


How to find reliable and trustworthy brands online?

- Texture: Look for the texture of the fabric. Usually, fabric pictures are separately posted on the website by which you can easily figure out whether it is pure or not.

- Materials used: The clothing you buy must be purely based on soft fibres like cotton, linen, hemp, etc. You should make sure the fabric is not mixed with synthetic fibres like polyester, nylon, spandex, etc. You can also check the ratio of components used in the manufacturing process such as 80% cotton and 20% linen, etc.



- Not cost-friendly: If the fabric is really made of pure fibres, it’s a rare possibility that it's pocket friendly as well. Natural fibres require care of animals, plants and multiple steps of processing which make them expensive as compared to synthetic fibres.

So, you must opt for cotton clothing that falls either in the affordable range or else leans towards the expensive side. Kindly note, Natural fibres might not be friendly for your pocket but they are definitely friendly for you and your skin, in the long run. So, choose wisely.


- Certified Brands: Brands that use ethical practices in their manufacturing process are mostly verified by eco-friendly certifications like Green Seal, Certified B Corporation, ISO 14001, etc. For example, Kshm is SCOPE Certified.


- Testimonials: They say customers never lie. The reviews section is one of the most important factors to consider while you test the credibility of the brand and its products. Honest feedback and happy customers are a brand’s true treasure.


How can you find your perfect pants online?

Step 1: Open your web browser and type Kshm or click the link

Step 2: It’s done. You don’t have to go elsewhere, because all you get is – “Comfortable and Cozy and the most stylish Cotton pants, the best pants for men and women and gender-neutral people you’ll ever come around.”


What you get at Kshm?

The SOFTNESS you need  
You get here the pants that are perfect for any body type that is like nobody else and perfectly perfect in its own way. Our pants are a careful blend of 100% cotton and linen which complements your skin aptly.

The COLOURS of life
Be it a business conference or a wedding party, a good comfortable pair of trousers is a must-have for your wardrobe. At Kshm, we bring a pool of colours extracted from fresh fruits and vegetables such as Ivy Green, Barn Red, Teal Blue, Onyx Black, etc. which complements your everyday and occasional mood.

A COMPANION for every situation
We all have certain categories of clothing: Those we wear for work, those we wear for play and to lounge in, things we wear when we just can't face the world...and so on. Our brain acknowledges these categories and reacts accordingly. You put on your power outfit and your brain knows it's time to bring it; you wear your sweats and a t-shirt and your brain says, "Ahhh, Netflix time!". You can wear Kshm Pants anywhere, anytime and for any purpose you want because of their unique style, active lifestyle purpose and comfort all day long.



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