The Ultimate All day Pants - Comfiest & Stylish

07 May 2024
Dhruv Nehru

While fast fashion wants us to wear every new style on the market, our soul-fashion

(if I can call it that!) simply desires comfort and ease.

Let’s accept it, we all struggle to balance fashion and comfort.

We want to avoid those pants that feel tight and restrict flexibility and we also, want to make a statement with what we wear.

We want to look dressed for the occasion at all points of the day and also, avoid the hassle of changing again and again.


Do ideal pants exist? 

Introducing you to Fashion + Comfort, weaved with responsibility.

Super comfy and chill, Boxate  Pants and BigChill Pants are here to make your day, weeks, months and years!

These are the best unisex pants that can go as your work pants, yoga pants, walk pants, date pants, meeting with friends pants, and whatnot!


Feel comfortable and chill

Let’s live for the soul while we keep our sense of style happy. With these soft cotton pants, move around or sit for long hours in comfort. 
  • Uses soft, lightweight natural cotton with natural dyes  - This enhances the breathability of the fabric, making it extremely easy on the skin. This is the fabric you can choose to spend your days in, without any second thoughts.
  • Straight leg fit in BigChill Pants - Tough to get in those skinny tight pants, equally tough to get out! Why restrict your ease when you have BigChill Pants as a savior? Get your hands on these super comfy pants today.
  • Elasticated waistband - The fluctuating waist size does not have to render your pants useless anymore. The All-day pants come with an elasticated waistband, making it not just comfortable, but more relevant for all seasons.


Make a style statement

What feels happy, looks happy. What looks happy, makes a statement. The everyday pants are designed with a sense of style,

  • Pockets on both sides for added functionality - Style and functionality do not have to be separate sets anymore. We have the intersecting area for you right here with BigChill Pants and Boxate Pants

  • Tapered overlap flap bottom (BigChill Pants) - This is so subtle that it accentuates the smart look by multiple levels. You can now buy pants online.

  • Box, balloon fit (Boxate Pants) - This feature makes the pants extra comfortable. Great in look, greater in ease. You can buy pants online.

  • Embroidery for personal touch - The pants come with embroidered details to add a personal touch. It speaks volumes without uttering a single word. Minimalist style!


Head to work or, play

The everywhere pants suit work and play environments alike.

  • Pair it with a smart/chic t-shirt for casual meetings with friends or colleagues.

  • Style it with a gym t-shirt for exercise routines. You can stretch, squat, run, jump, and do yoga in these pants. 

  • Wear BigChill Pants with a shirt to head to work in a smart, confident style.


Bonus - Everything you loved about your favorite pajamas has now arrived with a sense of style.

The pants everyone needs in their closet. Don’t know what to wear for any casual occasion. These are the pants that will go everywhere, every time!

The unisex pants are a sustainable choice, add versatility to your wardrobe, and above everything, comfort to your days. 

Buy your pair of the best unisex pants online with Kshm by CoreAsana, combining fashion with comfort.


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