Say Goodbye to Summer Skin Problems with These Pants

13 May 2024
Dhruv Nehru
Rashes involve changes in the color, feeling or texture of your skin. It is caused by chemicals coming in contact with your skin; such as



  • Chemicals in elastic, latex and rubber products

  • Cosmetics, soaps, and detergents

  • Dyes and other chemicals in clothing


ChaffingChaffing is a common skin problem caused by any combination of friction, moisture, and irritating fabric. Prolonged rubbing on the skin makes your skin sting or burn, and you develop a mild, red rash.


A more precise way to knock out skin rashes

The best way to avoid skin rashes is to use natural-fibres on your skin such as cotton, linen, hemp, etc. Cotton, being the oldest and have been recommended by our ancestors since ages now, is the best source for a healthy skin.


Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, meaning it is less likely to cause allergic reactions of any kind.


Here, are some recommendations which can make your skin feel absolutely great and can be a treat for your skin.

Kshm has a variety of options in natural cotton & linen, dyed with organic dyes just for you and your sensitive skin, like

  • The Boxate Pants

A modern harem with exuberant colours, this pant has two patch pockets and a beautiful tapered hem. This pant gives you enough room to do yoga, gym or be your travel companion.

  • The BigChill Pants

Amazing pants for your amazing moves with an overlapped hem and flexible drawstrings attached. This pant comes in classic colors and is suitable for dance, running or any lifestyle activity that keeps you on move.

  • Everyday Pace Pants

Pants that can be worn for formal purposes as well. These pants come in variety of colours, with four seamless pockets and stylish pleats for a stylish you. These pants are multi-purposed and can be worn for pretty much anything.


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