And why are you falling for it?

08 May 2024
Dhruv Nehru

We are in love with anything that makes us feel Active – be that a morning coffee or a loud laugh on a hilarious meme. We enjoy living a Vibrant way of life. We also enjoy energy bombs that come from a quick run, hitting the gym, and working hard for your Purpose in Life….hashhhh feels Zen right? Be it running after your kids or chasing down that special someone for a date like a rom-com sprint! Because, we understand, You are in love. We appreciate your way of living an Active Life. And for that motive, we make activewear clothes for you as we like to add a little more fun to your already colorful life. Because guess what? We are in love too. 



Be yourself and come exactly as you are. At KSHM, everyone is welcomed with open arms.

Men: Welcome to a mindset where we wish to create a new masculinity. One that enables men to be comfortable in themselves, and truly be authentic. One where they find strength in being their most vulnerable and true selves. No tight fits, no harsh materials, because men deserve care too.

Women: Welcome to a fresh viewpoint of being feminine. One where women break stereotypes, and create their own homelike haven. Women who are not afraid to speak up for themselves and find peace in just being themselves but anybody else. No awkward fits, no suffocation, because women deserve freedom too.

Gender-Fluids: Welcome to the most basic understanding of being a human. Being driven by the same emotions, the same passion for the life we wish to live and explore the diverse opportunities life brings to us. No uncomfortable fit, no society tags, because we find similarities in our differences - that makes us feel humane. 



A phenomenon is a remarkable person or a thing. But we are a feeling and that’s why – “We are Phenomenal” 
We don’t just make clothes, We build confidence. We build style. Clothes that are super comfortable, feel super light on the skin. We make activewear pants for men, women, and gender neutrals, as everyone belongs here. Pants that give you an edge in everyday life. It’s a perfect match of KSHM and an active lifestyle. Because guess what? They are in love as well.

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